10 Terms My 2-Year-Old Kids Understand That My 70-Year-Old Mom Doesn’t



“On Demand”

“Angry Birds”


“Beat Boxing”


“Magnolia Bakery”



(On a separate note, never do a Google Image search for “scat”.)

19 comments on “10 Terms My 2-Year-Old Kids Understand That My 70-Year-Old Mom Doesn’t

  1. Brilliant!!! So funny!!! Isn’t it amazing to see them hold up a tiny phone and say “smile mummy” or hear william say “I’m sorry mummy, I forgot to recharge it” or “not right now mummy, I have to send an email”! Where will we all be when they are our age!!

    • Yes, I love watching them do that. What’s even funnier is when they turn everything they pick up into a phone. A hairbrush, a remote control, an apple slice. I guess they’ve seen me working so many gadgets they don’t know what’s what any more! xo

  2. It’s like when hubby and I are sitting on the couch, each with our laptop on our laps, invariably the little monster will push between us and open his play laptop.

    Not sure your mom misses out because she doesn’t know beatboxing though. Hilarious!

  3. My daughter is nagging me to get “Chipwrecked” please tell me you are being over dramatic in your hatred of it… please oh please…

    • Full disclosure – I haven’t actually seen the whole movie, but when we watch YouTube videos, they always want to see clips from it. The only movies they’ve watched all the way through so far are the Muppets and the Little Mermaid, both of which I’m OK with.

      • LOL, good to know… Well if we get it before you have the joy of having your little ones watch it through I will let you know.

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