9 comments on “They’re So Cute When They’re Making Fun Of You*

  1. When they are teenagers they either don’t make fun of you to your face or they do it in code with their sibling(s). Actually this trend continues today, when one is past his teens and the other is almost done as well. They love me or they wouldn’t be bothered to make up way to tease me….

    • I can’t complain if they tease me – it’s just karma biting me. I’ve encouraged them to tease their grandma for the way she blows her nose. (“HOOOOOOONNNNNNNNK!”) I’ve so got it coming. 🙂

  2. I laughed out loud when i saw this.. the problem is I saw in in the middle of my developmental psych class and everyone turned around and looked at me.

    Super adorable though!

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