Zoo? Yes. Animals? Maybe.

Me: “Do you guys want to go to the zoo?”

B&S: “YEAH!!!!!!!”

Me: “What animals should we see?”

Bennett: “No gorillas.”

Me: “No gorillas?”

Bennett: “No.  Because it’s scary.”

Me: “OK then, no gorillas.”

Sutton: “Daddy, can I see the gorillas?”

Me: “Sure.”

Sutton (hysterical): “NO!!!  The gorillas are scary!!!”

Me: “Wait, calm down.  No one has to see the gorillas if they don’t want to.”

Bennett: “I want see gorillas!”

Me: “You said you didn’t.”

Bennett: “No.  Because it’s scary.”

Me: “But now you want to see them, even though they’re scary?”

Bennett: “Yes.”

Me: “Sure, Bennett.  You can see the gorillas.”

Sutton: “Daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy?  When Bennett sees the gorillas, can I see the lizards?”

Me: “The lizards aren’t scary?”

Sutton: “No, they’re nice.”

Me: “Then sure.  You can see the lizards.”

Sutton: “OK, but I don’t want to go in them.”

Me: “What do you mean ‘in them’?”

Sutton: “I want to see the lizards, but I don’t want to go inside the lizards.”

Me: “OK, I promise we won’t go inside the lizards.”

Sutton: “OK.”

Me: “What about the gorillas?  Do you want to see them?”

Sutton: “Yes.”

[As for going “inside” the lizards, I’m not sure, but I think she was thinking of this iPad game we’ve been playing:]

13 comments on “Zoo? Yes. Animals? Maybe.

  1. LOL…”Who’s on First?….Third Base!”

    My conversations with my teen son & friends is very similar..minus the innocent emotion…. Most of the time I am met with deafening silence and rolling eyes for an answer….
    Let me know if you ever want to host a KID exchange….lol….I would love to return to those days!

  2. That is TOO cute! Also, Jerry: I’ve offically decided that I’m gay! I haven’t told the object of my affections yet but I’ll try to. I just hope I’m not hurting God…

    • I agree – what I think is cute is that they’re scared of gorillas, yet at the same time they’re obsessed with them. They’ll decide they want to see them, then change their minds.

  3. Please keep these great stories coming as I love showing them to my eldest boy (14), I think he thinks Sutton is great. He always smiles or laughs when I read them out to him. Which is wonderful because I get more grunts and groans than words normally.

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