You Said It!

I feel very lucky to have been Freshly Pressed again by WordPress.  The traffic here has been astounding, and I’ve loved reading all of your comments.  I regret that I can’t respond to everyone individually, as I usually try to, but I promise I read and appreciate everything.  I just have limited writing time and am eager to put up a new post.

To elaborate further, I’ve added a page on Comment Policy.  It’s not as serious or administrative as it sounds, and I certainly don’t expect or even really want anyone to read it.  Just keep leaving comments.  I’m sure you’re doing it right.  But for anyone who’s curious, there it is.

If it weren’t for the comments, I wouldn’t keep writing this blog.  They encourage me, challenge me and very often inspire me.  You guys have given me so much to think about, like on my recent post, My Son Wants to Wear a Dress.  I’m very grateful for all those comments, which have helped me open my mind a bit on the topic.  Look for a followup to that post soon.

Finally, to all the new readers, welcome!  I’m working on a memoir about how my boyfriend and I created our family through gestational surrogacy.  It should be funny, touching and primed to piss off all the right people.  You can help me get it published by subscribing to this blog, liking it on Facebook (where I’m stuck with the blog’s old title, Where Do Gaybies Come From?), following me on Twitter or, best of all, alerting your dear Aunt Oprah about this cool new writer you’ve discovered.


5 comments on “You Said It!

  1. Huh…am I an awful person for never knowing who has been fp’d until they write a thank you wordpress post? Congrats anyways! I was already here…

  2. Love LOVE your blog. I think you would get a few chuckles from my blog; ‘The Society for Recovering Doormats’. ( Not that I think for one minute that you are one) I’m new to WP and would appreciate a visit from you,

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