We Are Not Getting a Cat

Among the 500 million reasons Drew and I are never getting a cat is the fact that our neighbor has, well, about 500 million cats.  They run through our yard, sleep on our car hoods, fight in our bushes… and delight our children, who love to watch them out the window.

You’d think that would be good enough, but nooooooooo.  They want their own cat.  I made the mistake of pulling up a bunch of cat pictures on a Google image search, and Sutton promptly selected the one she thinks should be our pet.  This one:

I’ll admit, if it stayed that cute forever, I might let her talk me into getting that kitten.

“Which one do you want, Bennett?” she had to know.  Bennett scanned the dozens of choices on screen and made his selection:

“OK,” I said.  “Let’s get that one.”

I’m hoping that cures Sutton of her cat fancy.

20 comments on “We Are Not Getting a Cat

  1. cats rock, and Sutton knows it 😉
    maybe you can strike a deal… when they are a little older, you could make a list of pets (with respective care level chart), to actually show the kids how much work and commitment an animal requires… maybe then they would settle for a hamster… or a goldfish 🙂
    my parents struck this deal with me when i was 10- old enough to actually single-handedly care for an animal, and i’ve had one hamster, then another one, and now i’m 26 and have 3 cats 🙂
    good luck!

    • As long as they key phrase is “when they’re older”, I’ll consider it. We visited some friends with a puppy this weekend, and it did make me think a dog would be fun. My kids are nowhere near ready to care for one, though, and I don’t want to get stuck with all the work. 🙂

  2. Wish there were a way to post images in the comments. I want to post pics of my wonderful kitty Ralph. He’s about to turn 13 and has been a great companion. Yes, he has his crazy moments, but fewer than most people! Mostly sweet and mellow, especially after losing the family jewels.

  3. I’m sure to get blasted for this…but I’m not a cat person. At all. Or maybe cats just aren’t Paula cats (think about it…). We just don’t get along at all. That being said, I love dogs. But I had a choice, – my hubby or a dog. Celebrating 30 years next year – with my hubby.

  4. Phew, looks like I got lucky. The little monster loves stroking every single cat or dog he comes across, no fear whatsoever. But he’s never mentioned he wanted to take any of them home. Good boy!

  5. Hilarious.
    I have my list of reasons not to have a pet READY. For my not-yet-born children.
    I have to admit… I’d be okay with fish. And turtles. Oh, and GF wants peacocks. *rolls eyes*

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