23 comments on “A Split Vote on Daddy’s Spaghetti

  1. typical! haha, thats the thing about dinner, it rolls around every night….they cant all be winners 😉

  2. This too shall pass…our children come home now and eat everything (it’s free and they didn’t have to prepare it). Of course they know the rules…you don’t like it make something yourself! Your guys might be a titch young for that!

  3. Good news — maybe now that people see we actually feed our kids decent food and eat at places other than Carvel and Dunkin’ Donuts, the internet trolls will stop judging you! (But I doubt it.)

  4. We made pasta with fresh sauce for our kids, we hand made our Mac -n-cheese too.. it wasn’t until they ate at the neighbors house one day ant ingested Kraft easy Mac in the box, that they ranted about the delicious cuisine next door & complained about our menu….

    great post! Keep up the good work!

    • HAhahahahaha!
      I don’t know what it is about children and boxed food. I find it completely gross.
      My dad used to refuse me that stuff, and I was ANNOYED. Now, my tastebuds and I thank him.

  5. This is clearly a case of me being bitten by karma. I was the worst eater as a kid. We had a policy in our house of “If you don’t like what I cooked, make something for yourself” and I ate a peanut butter sandwich nearly every night.

  6. If I didn’t eat my mother would give me a soliloquy of: ‘Do you know how many children are starving in this world?”…..In which I responded with : “Name One”.

    By the way Peanut butter is good for you…..and easy when you have to pack lunches….I never had that luxury because my daughter was allergic to peanuts…

  7. Gee, I am so lucky. 100% of my kids (i.e. one little monster for now) tend to like my cooking. Veggies and all.
    Of course, sometimes his taste changes and we have to figure out together what his new fancies are. But in general I have to say that if everything about raising him was as easy as feeding him I would be the happiest mother in the world.
    Good luck on your cooking, and don’t despair, there is just no pleasing some but I’m sure it will get better.

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