Sidewalk Art Appreciation

Yesterday.  Outside an ice cream shop.  There is a bucket of chalk near the door…

“Honey, look at all the cool things people drew on the sidewalk!”

“Yeah!  There’s SpongeBob!”

“Wow, that’s a great SpongeBob.  It looks just like him!”

“Daddy, can we draw on the sidewalk?”

“Sure!  What should we draw?”


“OK, here, take the chalk.  Show me what SpongeBob looks like.”

“No, Daddy!  You draw SpongeBob!”

“Me?  Why don’t we just write your name instead?”

“No, Daddy.  I want you to draw SpongeBob!”

“But, Honey, look, someone already drew him, and my SpongeBob isn’t going to be–”


“Oh… OK.”

“Well, there’s my SpongeBob.”

“Daddy, that’s the best SpongeBob EVER!  Look, everyone!  My Daddy drew SpongeBob!”


15 comments on “Sidewalk Art Appreciation

  1. Enjoy that superhero dad phase while it lasts! I’m in the supermom phase right now too and I’m sure it will very shortly turn into eye rolling, heavy sighs and “mom, can you drop me off around the block please?” And for what it’s worth, it’s a better Spongebob than I could draw! 🙂

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