Teacher Conference

“Sutton and Bennett’s dad?  Hi.  We had a little biting incident today.”

“Oh no!  What happened?”

“Well, Sutton bit Bennett.  They were just playing around, but then she asked him to bite her back, and he broke the skin.”

“Oh, whew!  So they only hurt each other, not anyone else’s kid?”

“Oh yes.  They’ve never hurt the other kids, though Sutton has a habit of tackling all the boys and kissing them.”

“Great, so I have nothing to worry about then.”

18 comments on “Teacher Conference

  1. hahaha My sister always had a habit of biting kids, but her teeth were unique enough you could easily trace it back to her lol

    Tackling and kisses are fun, but consent for touching, kissing, etc should always be sought out.

  2. Piper was bitten at preschool once. I was THAT parent, ready to pounce on the other kid…until I read the incident report. Piper put her finger in the kid’s mouth. Guess what the kid did? Sounds like natural consequences to me.

  3. I love working in kindergarten for what the kids say and do, but hearing what you say about their behaviour makes me feel even better. Seriously who can’t love a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it? My son was not walking at 14 months until a girl he was babysat with began biting and kissing him. He learned to walk, actually run, really fast!

  4. When my son was 2 and in daycare he was bitten by another child. Hard, I’m talking a lasting impression emotionally and a set of teeth marks for a week. For the next several months he would scream “no,no” whenever this little girl came near him. At the ripe old age of 8 he has moved on but has not forgotten. On the flip side of that when he was 4 he knocked down a little girl, down a couple of steps no less, because she had hit and knocked down his best friend. When the teacher had “the talk” with me at pick up I thought this was it expulsion at 4 but his teacher had a hard time faulting his actions apparently she deserved her trip down the stairs.

    • What an awful story. I don’t know what I’d do if my kid bit someone else’s kid or vice versa. When the biter and bitee are both mine, it makes it easier to lay the smack down.

      And ha, I love that the bully girl got what was coming to her!

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