More Mommy Man!

It’s official.  I’m a mommy blogger!

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing occasional posts for Lifetime Moms, a really great site with a fantastically funny group of contributors — and starting today, me!  I’m the first dad to blog for them.  Take that, glass ceiling!

They’ll be rerunning some of my favorite posts from the past, plus I’ll be contributing some new stuff exclusively for them, so I hope you’ll click over and check it out.

This will still be my primary blog, and I’m planning to keep posting here just as frequently as I always have.  So stick around here, too.

But until my next post goes up on this site, I hope you’ll go over there and read my first post for them.  It’s called 5 Ways My Kid Have Improved My Adult Conversations.  Hope you like it!

20 comments on “More Mommy Man!

  1. Way to go, Jerry! It’s wonderful to hear a voice of an at-home parent! It brings back so many memories of my many years at home raising my boys.

  2. Congrats! Loved your piece, as always. Working in education has the same effect: I crave adult conversation all day. Fortunately for me, my kids are now adults and provide me with ample brain stimulation from their work at university like the state of health care in Zambia, the effect of social media on political and social movements, ant/plant interactions….

    Say hey to the drive thru cashier; she was always my BFF too!

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  4. Congratulations & well deserved. You’re a very gifted writer and a wonderful parent – your children are so blessed to have parents like you and your partner.

  5. “These days, I make friends with everyone I can, because I know the drive-thru lady at Taco Bell might be the only person I meet all day who doesn’t have Sesame Street characters on her shoes”

    Oh how I know that feeling!

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