21 comments on “One-Track Mind

    • Really? You jump to Aspergers because a child likes to line up toys and pretend they’re trains? That’s a huge leap and would put pretty much every average developing kid on the spectrum. I think Jerry’s son has what is commonly referred to as a healthy imagination.

      • I didn’t jump. Read again, it says check. Kids with repetitive patterns MIGHT, I repeat MIGHT, have a link to Aspergers, but whatever I was just trying to give my 2cents not putting anyone down or anything.

  1. I appreciate the concern, but it’s not Asperger’s. Or if it is, then I wish Asperger’s on every kid. He is a delightful, happy, intelligent, sociable little boy who just really likes trains. Whatever he has, I’m grateful for it.

  2. My daughter does the same thing! 🙂 I love watching her do it, too. She gets so serious, but she’s always so happy and proud of her work.

  3. I have to say that I absolutly love it. I also have a child who loves all things trains. He use to line up eveything and “play trains”‘ He at 7 still makes us stop and watch every train that goes by. Every chance we get we take a ride on a train and get into his world. We have really enjoyed “playing trains”. They said my child has Asperbergers. Now they say he doesn’t. Just let him “think outside the box”. It is natural and healthy. Look at master leggo builders with wild imaginations and where it takes them. So at this age you never can tell where his imagination might lead him.

    • Thanks, I agree, and clearly, your son is lucky you had the right attitude about his “diagnosis”. My kid is quirky and has a strong personality, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Part of that is that he loves trains. I’m working on a post on this topic, as a matter of fact. It’ll hopefully go up soon.

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  5. I still remember when me and my brother were kids. I never liked riding my tri cycle on a clear surface. I would throw down all shoes, moms sandals, flip flops and ride my tri cycle on them pretending it’s a bumpy dirt track. And my brother, he was obsessed with guns. Give him a piece of bread, he will nibble around the corners to make a shape of guns, give him a biscuit or a cookie, he would do the same. Give him a piece of cardboard, he will fold it until he can make it into a shape in which he could hold it in his hand like a gun.

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