Hey, Everyone! It’s the Greatest, Most Thrilling Post Ever With Huge News! Wow!

Where Do Gaybies Come From, bookshelf, great books, literatureI’ve been hoping for a long time I’d get to write this post. I’m so excited about it that I’m actually going to skip over the rambling, often unrelated intro I sometimes give my posts and just get right to the announcement:

My book sold.

Insane cheers, tears of joy, sigh of relief…

It sold.

Let’s be honest. Until now, calling it a book was a bit of a stretch. Until now, it was really just a very big file on my hard drive. In about a year, though, my book will be a book. A book with a list price and an ISBN and my name on the cover. You will be able to read it, download it, buy an illegal copy for a dollar on the streets of Chinatown, borrow it from the library, burn it, give it no stars on Amazon and/or purchase it in whatever bookstores still exist when it gets released. You may even be able to get sworn in on it on The People’s Court. I’ll have to check on that. In short, all the qualities that qualify something to be termed “a book” will apply to something I wrote.

My book.

To those of you who are newer around here, “my book” is a memoir I’ve been writing for the last few years called WHERE DO GAYBIES COME FROM? It’s about how my boyfriend Drew and I became dads. For the short version of our story, you can read the Modern Love I wrote.

The full version comes out in March 2014. More details here.

This book is not a compilation of blog posts or a bunch of stuff you’ve already read. It’s made up of all-new material, except for maybe a joke or two that I used somewhere else and which was just too good to leave out. It’s a story, with a beginning, a middle and (well, since you already know, I’ll just be honest) a happy ending. I guess you could consider it a prequel to this blog, or alternatively, Mommy Man’s origin story.

I have plenty of time to hype it up over the next year, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say I am incredibly proud of my book. If you like this blog, then the book should have just the mix of inappropriate humor and shameless sentimentality you’ve come to recognize as constituting “my thing.”

At the risk of this turning into some unwarranted acceptance speech or of spoiling the acknowledgments section of my book (my book!), I want to thank everyone who visits, comments, subscribes, shares, likes, Diggs, Reddits, pins, stumbles upon, reblogs, emails, freshly presses, puts me on television or just wanders in here through a google image search for angry cat pictures. (Still my #1 referral!) I begged you to do all those things, and you did. Then publishers noticed and determined they could likely get a fair number of you to pony up twenty bucks or so to read my book. The system works!

In other words, brace yourself, because now begins Phase 2, wherein I raise the stakes and ask you to actually pay money to read my writing, (i.e., buy my book). I promise not to do too much of that, but you can expect some hard-core pimping for sure amid the usual pee and poo posts I put up here. Also, if you happen to be Oprah’s niece or Stephen King’s gardener and you can help me slip them an advance preview copy, now’s a good time to make yourself known.

Thanks to Drew and the kids for putting up with all the time Daddy spent neglecting his parental duties writing over the last few years.

Finally, I need to point your attention to the greatest agent I could’ve asked for, Laurie Abkemeier of DeFiore and Company, whose advice, wisdom, editing skill and unflagging dedication to me and to this project made this happen. If you have any interest in publishing or just knowing cool people, you should follow her on Twitter, read her Tumblr and download her Agent Obvious app (it’s free!).

Most of all, just thanks.

Also, thanks.

Thank you.

73 comments on “Hey, Everyone! It’s the Greatest, Most Thrilling Post Ever With Huge News! Wow!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! I am so very happy for you! I love when good things gas happen to great people!!! If you ever want your blog followers to read and review a copy, let me know. I am game.;-) keep up the good work.(hugs)

  2. Congratulations! That’s terrific news and I’ll be looking forward to Kindling your book. I’ve enjoyed your blog SO much and am, admittedly, a bit jealous of how witty and appealing your writing is.

  3. Congratulations! I will totally read your book, and maybe buy a few as gifts.
    Modern Love was wonderful. “This was her brother, and if he needed eggs, damn it, he was going to take hers.” I welled-up a bit there.

  4. Omg!! I am so ecstatically proud of you!! I have tears in my eyes!!!! Cant wait to pay $$$ and buy it!!!! Woohoo

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Congratulations! What a tremendous accomplishment, especially with two little ones demanding constant attention! Can’t wait to buy it and read it when it comes out – and to share with friends.

  6. Congratulations on being booked!
    Greg and I always knew you’d be a hit!
    Can’t wait to meet the kids in person. It will be fun watching them eat spaghetti (outside on the porch).when you visit.

  7. Hey my reply just flew off somewhere in cyberspace – repeat:

    Congratulations on being booked. Greg and I always knew you were a hit! Can’t wait to feed your kids spaghetti (on my back porch) once the weather gets nicer. That will be a picture and a half.

    Don’t forget to get some plugs in on HLN (when the book launches).

  8. I am so excited! I cannot wait to read your book. I stumbled across you when a friend shared your blog via Facebook and I’ve been hooked ever since. I took an entire day reading your blog from the beginning! You should really be so proud of yourself and proud that you have been able to share your and Drew’s journey! I hope this book is a success and that more will come.

  9. WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! So did you punch the air in wild excitement and then call your dearly beloved and scream nonsensically down the phone until it all sunk in? I’m so excited and pleased for you! That is just awesome news. I love your blog and if your book is anything like it, you will have a winner on your hands. πŸ™‚ … actually no…. πŸ˜€ is more like it

  10. Huge congratulations!

    There’s nothing quite like having a hardcopy of your work to hold, with your name in …er, lights (print?). Certainly, from what I’ve read on the blog, it’s well deserved.

  11. Again, not to get all acceptance speechy (in my head, I’m hearing Anne Hathaway whispering, “It came true!”), but this blog seriously has the greatest, nicest, most ego-boosting readers, followers and commenters ever. Thanks for the congratulations, and for all of you who promised to buy a copy of the book when it comes out, I’m holding you to it! I have your IP addresses! Don’t think I won’t track you down! πŸ™‚

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