The 5 Most Amazing Things In The Whole World!!! (to a 3 1/2-year-old)

1. Eating under the table dinnerundertable

2. Dressing like Daddy dresslikedaddy

3. Automatic hand dryers*handdryer

4. Traffic cones


5. Putting an Angry Birds Easter basket on your head


or just improvising with whatever you’ve gotcornholio

* two weeks ago, these were TERRIFYING

36 comments on “The 5 Most Amazing Things In The Whole World!!! (to a 3 1/2-year-old)

      • Thanks! And your tween son sounds awesome. I’d ask to trade gamertags with him, but a) middle-aged man vs. tween sounds a little creepy and more importantly, b) I’m sure he’d kick my ass. 🙂

  1. As if I need reminding, this is what our kids provide us on a daily basis — the chance to laugh out loud and to be reminded of how amazingly pure and untainted the perspective of a 3.5 year old can be.

  2. When my daughter was 4 or 5 she let out a full-volume, scary movie worthy, I’m-about-to-get-murdered, blood-curdling scream in the bathroom of a very busy, although not very large, eating establishment. Why? Well, they did not provide paper towels in the restroom—only air dryers. She’ll be 9 this summer and to this day she can’t stand those things! Thankfully, she does not scream upon setting her eyes on them, so st least there’s that 🙂 I really enjoy your stories—thank you!

    • Funny, since I put up this post, my kids have been freaked out by the dryers again, then changed their minds a moment later, as if they remembered, “Oh yeah, those are fun now.”

  3. Ha ha – my Mr 4 had just gotten over his terror of the hand dryer… and then all of our local public toilets installed those Dyson Air Wave things (the air so strong it feels like your skin is getting blown off with noise like you are standing on a runway while a jumbo takes off. Have seen many adults step back in shock.). So we are back to paper towels or shake and wipe on your ass 🙂

    However, now at nearly five, he still finds all of the others completely, side splittingly hilarious. Mr 6 is getting a bit cool for such shenanigans though…but he will dabble occasionally on the weekends.

    • I could go on a long rant about hand dryers. Stop impressing me with your advances in technology! I don’t want my skin ripped off. I just want my hands dry! I can wait the extra five seconds, I swear!

  4. This morning, the 7 yr old woke me up by pressing her thumb onto my forehead and laughing hysterically because she KNEW she was irritating me beyond words. Mummy in her pre-coffee state is unpredictable at best, and this was essentially 7 yr old chicken.

  5. Regards the hand dryers… Yeah they’re hated by the nearly 4 year old in my house. She will point blank refuse to use a rest room if she knows they’re within the vicinity… And she’s got a fantastic memory too… It started at our local supermarket, some idiot woman attempted to show my daughter… Lets just say the woman got more than she bargained for… lol

    • Ha! Yeah, I’ve had times before my kids decided they loved hand dryers when they’d make me promise I wouldn’t use a hand dryer before they’d agree to go into a public bathroom with me.

  6. Oh the hand dryers! My daughter is 4 1/2 and she is still terrified of them. She screams and covers her ears and makes a break for the exit as fast as possible. She doesn’t even want to go to the bathroom in one that she sees a hand dryer in. And don’t even get me started about automatic flushing toilets….

    • Oh yes! The flushing toilets…
      My daughter will sit on the potty with fingers in her ears the WHOLE time, in terrified anticipation 😉

    • Whew – just realizing we dodged a bullet with the automatic toilets. My kids haven’t been scared of those, at least not yet. They’re just incredibly frustrating because they don’t always recognize my kids’ tiny tushies and start flushing when they’re still mid-pee/poop.

  7. I love the creativity and innocence that is childhood. They come up with the most brilliant ideas and ways to entertain themselves. Heck, I think I wanna eat under the table some time too!

  8. Finally! I came across your blog when I first started mine and didn’t know about the “follow” button yet. So glad to have found it anew! Great post! Right now, the most amazing thing for my 4 month old are his feet.

  9. To be young again! If only someone had told me that the very best answer to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is “a kid”. Too bad me playing in a ball pit while squealing with delight would be met with looks of disgust and confusion. But just in case you ever see that, remember to tell me hello! 😉

  10. Thanks for the footnote on the hand dryer because I physically recoiled when I saw it…my daughter loses her MIND over those things. And she’s almost six. I am digging your blog! I wish you lived around the corner.

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