10 Quotes From My Son About the New Legoland Discovery Center Near Us


“I did not like the spooky hallway.”
“I was so brave.”
“That girl did not share, and I told her, ‘YOU’RE NOT PLAYING NICE!'”


“I did not want my picture taken.”
“The movie was not good.”
“It’s so far away!” (It’s 20 minutes away.)
“Legoland was not fun.”


“Daddy’s going to write an angry letter because there are no low sinks in the bathroom.”
“When can we go back to Legoland?”

“I forgive Legoland.”


23 comments on “10 Quotes From My Son About the New Legoland Discovery Center Near Us

  1. I Love Legoland…especially the one in Calif. My son was 5 for his first visit. My son is in College now, but he pulled out those lego’s up past middle school…. I think it was because his mom was a lego addict…… and had to enter lego rehab…

    • I wrote the letter. They didn’t address the low sinks complaint specifically but thanked me for sticking with them while they work out the kinks. Something tells me that kink will be overlooked, though I’d be mighty impressed if they actually redid their bathrooms.

  2. I love it! We took our little man to the zoo last year and he HATED every second of it. He hated walking, he hated riding int the wagon, he hated being inside, he hated being outside, he hated the crowds, he hated the animals.

    And all he wants is to go back. 🙂

    • Oh, it was sent that same day. No changes to the sinks yet, though. (We’ve been back a few times. We bought season passes, so dammit, we’re going to get our money’s worth.)

      And now every time I get upset about something, the kids will say, “Are you going to write an angry email, Daddy?”

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