5 Ways My Kids Have It Better — and My New Twitter Account!

kidshaveitbetterMy new post at Lifetime Moms was inspired by the last time my kids got sick. It was awful, of course, because it’s always awful when kids are sick. But it wasn’t nearly as awful as it was supposed to be, because their medicine came in delicious candy flavors. (I guess someone at the drug companies finally took Mary Poppins to heart.)

It was a relief to me as a parent, because who wants to deal with giving their kids medicine? But as a former kid, I was kind of pissed off. Lucky little squirts don’t know how good they have it! So I came up with a few other ways my kids are living the sweet life, at the risk of being labeled a grumpy old man. Check the Lifetime Moms site to read the whole thing.

And as always, if you have any of your own to add, leave me a comment over there.

Also, I’ve started a second twitter account, @MommyManBlog. In theory, it’s going to be the place where I post anything specific to the blog, so it’ll be lighter on my personal “jokes” and observations. (I’ll still link my blog posts on both accounts, though. I’m no slacker when it comes to self-promotion.)

If you want to choose one to follow, stick with @WhyJerryWhy. That won’t be changing. The big difference is that I’m going to follow all the @MommyManBlog followers back. I’ve seen enough of these “I follow back!” people to wonder if I’m the douchebag who’s been twittering wrong all this time, because I’ve tried to keep my feed to a level I can actually keep up with.

So now I have one feed I’ll actually keep up with and one where I just follow whoever is nice enough to give me a follow. Hey, I get it. I like getting that “new follower” email notification, too.

I started writing a whole blog post about my impressions of Twitter etiquette, but I decided to scrap it, because trust me, that one really made me sound like a grumpy old man.

14 comments on “5 Ways My Kids Have It Better — and My New Twitter Account!

  1. Please please PLEASE run that post on Twittiquette. (I thought I made that term up but it turns out someone else did back in 2009. Wop-waaaaaa.) I am not a follow-backer either and I feel like a douche extraordinaire for it. We curmudgeons need to stick together.

    • I’d like to run the post, just so I can go off on those people who follow and un-follow you over and over hoping you’ll notice them. But I realized there are probably a lot of very nice people who follow everyone back just in order to be nice, and I didn’t want them thinking I was talking about them. Also, it was a bit off-topic, since there are probably plenty of people who come here who don’t care about Twitter at all. But you’ve found a kindred soul in me, for sure. 🙂

  2. I should probably add that I’m not going to follow back spam-bots, porn-bots or people who don’t tweet who I can’t be sure aren’t some other type of bot I haven’t encountered yet.

  3. I just followed you. But I am the world’s worst tweeter? twittererer? Whatever. I probably need to get on that. But you can at least use my follows to boost your numbers. Now I’m off to read the post on Lifetime!

    • me too I don’t tweet often either but I will be following your new one and contiue with your 1st one! you need instagram too! LOL! Have a great weekend.

  4. Very true post, Jerry! Talking about TV, my husband will tell you that, as a kid in Southafrica in the 70ies, they didn’t even have TV at all. Not so sure that this fit’s today’s topic though, it might actually be a contribution to next week’s post.

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