The New Guys In Town: My Westchester Magazine Article

Westchester Magazine, New Dads, gay dads, Jerry MahoneyI realized yesterday that Drew and I had let our subscription to Westchester Magazine lapse — both of them, in fact. When we first moved here, two different people gifted us with the magazine. (We also get two copies of Parents magazine, but one is for babies and one is for toddlers, or something like that. Pretty much the same magazine, but the kid on the cover of one is a little older than the kid on the other.) It was easy to imagine that Westchester Magazine would just keep arriving forever, one or more copies at a time.

Then yesterday, everyone else but us got the June issue in the mail, and Drew told me that we never renewed. Oops. It figures the first issue we didn’t get would be the one we were in. One of their editors asked me a while ago to write a column about being a gay dad in the area, then they decided to run the piece as part of a Father’s Day special feature, with two other dads. (Both of their pieces are great, by the way.)

They sent a photographer, who took some gorgeous pictures of the kids, even though they were sick and tired and cranky when he showed up. Now we have this great keepsake, with a full-color glossy shot of our family (see above), that we don’t have. Good thing for the internet… and for Barnes & Noble, which is where I’ll be schlepping the kids this afternoon to pick up a few copies.

In the meantime — and for you non-Westchesterites — you can read the column here. (Please note that Drew takes issue with being labeled a stay-home dad. As he puts it, “I work a lot less hard.”) Also, I worked very closely with the copy editor to make sure all our names were spelled correctly… and then the online editor went and called me Jerry Maloney. Oops.

Whatever, I’ll still be renewing.

7 comments on “The New Guys In Town: My Westchester Magazine Article

  1. What an awesome article. And what seems rude is maybe just politeness. They are probably very curious just don’t want to seem rude. Same as quiet people being viewed as snobbish, they just like to sit by and observe than make themselves center of attention. Kuddos to you guys!

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