Gay Dads Have All The Answers…


Her first self-portrait

“Daddy, when I’m an adult, I’m going to grow a baby in my belly.”

“That’s great, Honey, and if that’s what you decide, then yes, you can.”

“But Daddy…?”


“How does it get in there?”

“How does what get in there?”

“The baby… how does it get in my belly?”

“Um… well…”

“How does it get in there, Daddy?”

“Well… um… actually, for Daddy and me… we had a doctor put you in.”

“Oh. OK.”

Giant sigh of relief.


38 comments on “Gay Dads Have All The Answers…

  1. Well done…………if you need further help on this subject take a trip to the library…there should be a book called “Where did I come from”…it may be in video form too………it is animated and very well done… may not get off so lucky next time… of luck….I hope you find the movie….xo

  2. When my (Jewish) friends’ kid asked me who was on the statues and prayer cards being sold by a Catholic street vendor, I told him “famous people.” I’m with you.

  3. we had a similar conversation in our vehicle the other day and it started with my husband saying oh our neighbour has a baby horse in her yard. I said ya the white horse had a baby a couple weeks ago. Then my 6 yr old son says how did the mommy horse get the baby horse out? Before we could answer his 5 yr old sister says from the horse dr. But how do mommies get their babies out? We hummed and ha’d until they moved onto a different subject. Total chicken here!!!!!!

  4. My friend had a similar conversation and she turned it into “AREN’T BIRTHDAYS FUN?!” LOL.

    I actually had to have that talk with my 11 year old, along with the menstruation talk and I was met with “that is horrifying! HORRIFYING!”

  5. Gay/straight/Democrat/gReedpublican – parenting aint easy and it gets harder – so brace yourself – your in for an adventurous but very rewarding ride.!

  6. Giant sigh of relief!! My 2.5yr old daughter asked us while I was pregnant with her now 4month old sister. I didn’t know what to say, to be honest I was taken back by the question haha After talking it over with my husband we told her that when two people love each other very much God gives them a baby. She was ok with that & we didn’t get any more questions to our relief lol

  7. Off the hook this time! but if youre looking for a great book to help the next time, check out “what makes a baby” by Cory Silverberg. It’s an amazing accurate inclusive (to every family- adoptive, surrogate, donor, trans, non-trans, etc) book for young children. My 3 year old nephew loves it!

  8. Ha! Nice! I am kind of relieved I had an emergency C-section to deliver the Little Mister. When he asks how he came out of my belly, I can just say that a nice doctor took him out of my tummy…instead of explaining my nether regions haha.

  9. LOL. My 6-year old asked me where babies come from and I told her in a way she would understand exactly where babies come from. I dread the question of HOW a baby is made. She has yet to ask that.

  10. Reminded me that when my guy asked where his sister came out, I realized too late my son just wanted to know the name of the hospital…..for weeks after I would hear him talking to his teddies…”so Bert, do you know what a birth canal is?” “No Ernie, what is it?”

  11. I love how Sutton pulls a face to match her drawing’s. As to the answer, you get extra points on ingenuity but in general you are a mega-chicken! A very entertaining one, to be sure 🙂

  12. That is an awesome answer! Love their curious little minds. I would just like to tell you, I think your Blog is the best. You are a amazing Gay Superdad, this coming from a great trans daddy.

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  14. Love the look on the little girls face when she asked the question. When I looked at the picture it kind of showed what she was thinking, cute.

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