Lifetime Moms Post – and Twitter Party!


Mens Room Sign

Mens Room Sign (Photo credit: mrkathika)

I’ve written a few posts for this blog that I just can’t bear to reread. I think I’ve pointed out before that #1 on that list is this one. Just remembering that hospital episode turns my insides to instant slush. But I think this post about a bathroom nightmare I went through with the kids may be a close second on the ones I’d rather not revisit.


I want to say that our public bathroom experiences have gotten better since then, but it’s more like the horrors have morphed and now manifest in slightly different ways. So, in thinking about what I wanted for Father’s Day, I tried to imagine what the dream dad-friendly public men’s room might look like. That became my new Lifetime Moms post, My Dream of the Ultimate Dad-Friendly Mens Room. Check it out… but I’ll warn you – it’s not pretty.

Also, it’s kind of last-minute but I’ll be taking part in a Father’s Day-themed Twitter Party with the Lifetime Moms crew, tonight (Thursday, June 13, 2013, that is) at 9pm Eastern Time. Make sure you follow my new Twitter account for this blog, located @MommyManBlog, because that’s where I’ll be partying. You’ll also want to follow Lifetime Moms, as well as my fellow partiers Melissa Chapman, John Kinnear and Doug Latham, as well as keeping an eye on the hashtag #lifetimemomsdads

Did I mention there will be fabulous prizes? I’m assuming I’m not eligible for these prizes, which makes them a little less fabulous, but just for me. They’ll still be fabulous for you.


4 comments on “Lifetime Moms Post – and Twitter Party!

  1. OMG you are a brilliant brilliant brilliant man but please request all of this for the wowen’s washrooms too please!!!!! I rarely take my children out with me when I have to shop groceries or regular shopping just to avoid the washrooms!! I am also very grateful to have trained my daughter to have a good strong bladder, don’t mind my boys using the urinal in the men’s room as long as I don’t have to sit my daughter on a toilet seat! Awesomely worded post! Thanks for the giggles!!! And if the women only get one of your requests please make it moving the door locks higher.

    • Ha! Well, I’m sorry to hear women’s rooms aren’t clean either. But I guess I don’t feel quite as bad that my daughter gets stuck in the men’s rooms for now. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy your writing!

    You may already know about this product, the Aqueduck. It’s available at a lot of places. It doesn’t always provide enough reach depending on the sink, but it can be handy to keep tucked into a kid bag and avoid having to juggle your kid and the faucets. I also have one at home for my one-year-old; a stool alone is not enough for her to reach the faucet yet.

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