Who is Funny, According to Sutton

funnycup“Daddy, some people are funny, and some people are serious. Daddy’s funny.”

“Am I funny?”

“No. You’re serious.”

“Are you funny?”


“Is Bennett funny?”


“So I’m the only serious one?”


“What about your teacher?”

“She’s serious.”

“Oh, good. So it’s not just me.”

“But sometimes she’s funny.”

“Am I funny sometimes?”


“Who else is funny?”

“Um… the cup.”

“The cup is funnier than me?!”

“Can I play with the iPad now?”

12 comments on “Who is Funny, According to Sutton

  1. Finally. I have been crowned the winner.
    I bow to the bowl alongside me and thank it for some of the comedy training I have employed into my own act.
    (I will use this distinction for many, many years to come, Jerry.)

    • And disproving Sutton’s theory, I meant to say “the CUP alongside me,” not the bowl. Clearly, the 4-year-old criteria for judging ‘funny’ isn’t always scientifically accurate.

  2. I want to give you some sort of sympathetic reply, but I’m still laughing too hard. I’m sorry :p

    Though young kids think the weirdest things are funny. I remember when my cousin was three, she thought it was HILARIOUS if I clapped my hands upwards in a line. Like, funniest thing ever. Go figure.

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