5 More Secrets I Keep From My Kids

ShhHey guys. It’s Daddy again. Remember that post I wrote about the 10 biggest secrets I keep from you? Of course not! I only shared that with everyone except you. (Oh, and did we have some good chuckles about it, too!)

Well, it turns out, Daddy’s full of secrets, and since you still can’t read or use the internet, I’m ready to spill a few more. Yes, go on playing Legos. Just grown-ups talking here. Nothing you’d be interested in…

1. None of your friends nap anymore.

naptimeIt’s true. I’ve talked to all their parents, and they’re stunned that Daddy and I are still making you lie down for an hour every day at four years old. Their kids would never do that, they tell me. I usually leave out what a struggle it is to get you to follow through, and how every day I consider putting an end to nap time. But even our constant fighting over the nap is better than a day without naps — and I don’t mean for you.

I always say you have to nap because you get too cranky when you don’t, but the truth is, that doesn’t compare with how cranky it makes me. You may hate your naps, but I really, really like them. You might be ready to give them up, but I’m not. So until you learn the timeless childhood art of pleading, “But Jimmy’s parents don’t make him nap!”, you’re stuck with a daily snooze.

Seriously, kid. Start comparing notes. Jimmy’s got it a lot better than you do. A LOT.

2. Most of your artwork is garbage.

garbageOK, that sounds a bit harsh, but don’t take it too hard. I only mean it literally. As in, that’s where I put most of it. In the trash.

You know that picture you drew just for me, that you worked so hard on, that I swore was a masterpiece I would cherish forever? Well, five seconds after you went to bed, I crumpled it up and buried it deep, deep in the kitchen garbage can so you would never find it.

I know you won’t remember it tomorrow, and frankly, you make me way too many masterpieces, more than I can ever hang on the refrigerator or even store in an archive. I know you were especially proud of that dog dragon you drew me, but frankly, it wasn’t your best work. Sure, I took a picture of it before I dumped old coffee grounds and that half-eaten cup of yogurt on top of it, but don’t expect it to show up as my desktop wallpaper or anything.

Oh, and when we moved, Daddy and I threw away about five garbage bags full of your stuffed animals. You know why you didn’t notice? Because of the ten garbage bags full that we kept. Many of the things you love are garbage to us. I like that you have enough love in your heart to spread out among every crappy plush knickknack you take home from the Everybody Wins booth at the carnival, but the space in your heart is bigger than the space in our house, so some things just have to go.

3. We’re Going to Disney World!!!

You know how you’re constantly asking us if we can go to Disney World, and we respond, “Maybe someday”? Well, guess what, suckers? Someday is coming next February. We made the reservations, booked our flights, requested time off from work, reserved a dinner with Cinderella and even bought those Secret Guide to Disney books so we can make this the most awesome trip of your childhood. If you think we’re telling you about it anytime soon, though, you’re crazy. We planned this trip six months ahead of time.  Do you know how long that is in kid years? Of course not, and that’s the point. But in grown-up years, it’s six months of “Is today the day? Is today the day?”, and Daddy ain’t havin’ that.

Oh, and don’t take this to mean that “maybe someday” is always code for yes. When you ask us for a puppy, “Maybe someday” is our way of ending the conversation. But that one’s a definite no. Not someday, not ever. Sorry.

4. If I ever played a game against you at my full ability, I would whoop your sorry ass.

See anything you need? Oh, come on!

See anything you need? Oh, come on!

You really think you could beat me on a race to the tree and back? I know I’m not Jesse Owens, kid, but seriously, if I ran as fast as I could, I would mop up the front yard with you. The same goes for when we play Zingo, that kiddie version of Bingo you love so much. There are only nine squares on the board, but when Kite comes up, I’ll sit and wait like two whole minutes for you to realize you have Kite in your center square.

Hello! I have two kites on my board, but I’m not going to swipe that tile away from you, because I guess the whole point of this is to get you to learn about image recognition or spatial relationships or something. I don’t know what the point is, but whatever it is, it’s something I already know. I don’t need the validation, so I’m going to let you have it. Let’s just move it along, OK?

Honestly, though, the bigger secret is that sometimes you win fair and square. Want to know how to tell the difference? When I’m smiling, that means I let you win. If you actually earned your victory, you’ll notice me quietly giving you the stink eye.

5. When daddy and I spell things, we’re usually talking about you.

In fact, we’re usually talking about either nap time, Disney World, how I smoked you at Zingo or how soon we can throw something of yours away after you go to bed. I don’t know what we’re going to do when you guys learn to spell, because Daddy and I have really come to rely on our secret code. Maybe we’ll start learning Russian or something.


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33 comments on “5 More Secrets I Keep From My Kids

  1. The day my kids started learning how to spell was the day my husband and I started talking like we were idiots. “Hey, remember that time we stayed up pretty late watching that show and that commercial came on? And I hate mice. Princesses are over rated. Do you remember that commercial?” Yeah, that’s how we’d have to reference Disney in our house to avoid tipping them off.

  2. This made me laugh way more than I probably should have. I wish I could throw masterpieces away, but I plan on handing over the boxes filled with “art” to the kids when the are old enough to look back at their stupid stuff. Love the idea of this post. My list would include “I ate all your good Halloween candy while you were at school”. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. My partner and I are both fluent in sign language. Trouble is, the kids know it too. We can spell for a while but we’re thinking when they learn to spell we’ll have to resort to Pig Latin until they crack that code too.

  4. Oh dear, the harsh truth 😉 But hey, word of advice – when your kids start bringing home a bazillion informational flyers from school, LOOK AT EVERY SINGLE ONE, FRONT AND BACK. Because while no, you don’t need to *keep* every single art masterpiece, your kids would probably prefer that you at least LOOK at them and not, you know, emotionally scar them for life because you threw away that drawing they wanted to show you that was done on a recycled piece of paper that you only saw the flyer side of.

    Trust me, you do NOT want to deal with the tears of a four-year-old pulling their latest masterpiece out of the trash and crying, “why did you throw away my art work? I wanted to show it to you…”

    Seriously. Emotional. scarring. for life.

  5. Hah, all true except the nap. The little monster, at 4 1/2, still snoozes when he gets the chance, for UP TO 3 HOURS! I know, aren’t I lucky? But the best thing is, he really enjoys sleeping. He loves it. Honestly.

    Not sure what possessed me to have another child. He hardly sleeps at night, let alone during the day. I am lucky when he (just turned 1) naps for 20 minutes. Argh!

  6. You’re much kinder than my parents. Their answer was a simple ‘no’ to all things Disney World and animal related. I like your way better. PS. I have still never been to Disney…sob.

  7. When they can spell, you can text. Just don’t let them get a hold of your phone. They’ll most likely be better at using it….

  8. Sometimes we use big words so the kids don’t understand us. As in, “have you secured the upper atmospheric transportation device passage to the Empire of the Rodent yet?”

  9. You are too funny! I think those things all the time. And the picture thing! You nailed it. My daughter started reading at 2.5 so by 3.5 I could no longer spell things around her! Awesomeness!

  10. Sign language! That’s the key. You and Daddy have to learn it before they start spelling. Lol. I promise you the school sign language plays will never teach them the signs for “no dog,” “trash that animal,” “clean those drawings off the fridge,” how to fingerspell “Disney,” “we leave tomorrow,” or any other essential secret parent communication. Trust me. 😀

  11. Love this! But, I am sad to say I recently realized that my daughter actually is beating me at racing to the tree and back, and I am still winded Hopefully that has more to do with being 8 months pregnant, though!

  12. This was hilarious! My daughter came to check on me twice while I was reading it because I have a cold and laughing as hard as I was made it sound like I had bronchitis! #1 was my favorite, my daughter is 5 and I wonder how long I can drag naptime but I do hope at least another 3 years! 😉

  13. The best list EVER. It’s so close to my reality, it seems like I sleep-wrote it and you posted it. I might have laughed and noded a few times. Unlike most other kids, mine is learning phoenic sounds, not the letters (no A, B and C, but ae, buh and cuh), so we spell out everything that cannot be ‘said’ when the kid is in the earshot. Ha!

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