Upload Yours! (Wait, that didn’t come out right…)

susiebookselfieThe books are coming! The books are coming! People who preordered from Amazon started getting their books yesterday, and they proved it by sending me selfies.

The next best thing to getting my own box of books was seeing other people with their copies. At the top of this post is Susie, sister-in-law extraordinaire and the one who the whole darn book is dedicated to, showing off her Mommy Man. She wasn’t the only one who sent me a selfie…

mattlilybookselfieMeet Matt Tappon and his daughter Lilian! Want to know more about them? You can read their amazing story in my epilogue.

drewzbookselfieThat’s Drew Z. Greenberg, good friend and blurber featured on the back cover. Don’t be confused, though. He’s not my Drew. That would be this guy…

drewbookselfieClassy as always. And while it’s not technically a selfie, here are two more stars of the book with their copy…

suttonbennettbookselfieLet’s just say you find out who they are towards the end of the book.

I’ll post some more pics of people from the book as I get them, so you can see what the main players look like. But I’d love to see your selfie, too!

Did you get your copy Mommy Man? Head over to Facebook and upload your Mommy Man selfie directly to my page. Or tweet it @WhyJerryWhy with the hashtag #MommyManSelfie, and I’ll give you a retweet.

I’ll pick my favorite one on, oh let’s say May 31st, and send the best selfie-er an autographed copy of the book. I know, you’ll already have a copy of the book, but I’ll have my kids write something cute this one to make it extra-special.

Now upload yours!

* * * * *

Want to get in on the selfie action, not to mention the chance to read a book that Publishers Weekly calls “uproarious” and “touching”? Better hurry! Amazon’s already sold out of theirs! They’ll have more in stock soon, and you can find a bunch of other buying options here. Coming May 8 to bookstores everywhere!

17 comments on “Upload Yours! (Wait, that didn’t come out right…)

  1. I ordered a picture book for my son at the same time to save on shipping. Well, his book showed up yesterday, not yours, and they charged me shipping! Good grief. I think I have to be that person who writes an obnoxious email to customer service.

  2. Hooray! I can’t imagine what a thrill it must be to be published! Maybe someday… congratulations to you and I wish you a bazillion schmamillion copies sold!

  3. Hi Jerry, my husband and I are in the midst of the adoption process and I was wondering if your book would be relevant for us as well. Or does it deal more with surrogacy than adoption? Thanks for letting me know! All the best, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew. The book definitely goes into more detail about surrogacy than adoption, but I tried to write it so it would be a fun read for anyone. There are bits about registering for a baby shower and feeling discriminated against and stuff like that that any prospective gay dads would relate to. If you’re adopting, I’d definitely start with The Kid by Dan Savage, but I think you’d enjoy my book, too. 🙂

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