Happy Mommy Man Day!

pubdaycupcakes2Publication Day cupcakes are totally a thing, right?

Baking isn’t the only way I’m celebrating today. I have a new post up at Scary Mommy! It’s called “The B-Plus Parent: 5 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Shout at Your Kids”, because frankly, I got tired of all the shout-shaming out there. Sometimes, it happens. Big whoop. (Though I promise I don’t look as scary when I shout as the guy in the picture.)

Want more? Read Inside the Author’s Studio With Jerry Mahoney. This is a feature my agent, Laurie Abkemeier, runs on her website, and I’ve been reading it and admiring her other authors for ages now. I feel so honored it’s finally my turn to get the Author’s Studio treatment. At the risk of having Laurie get flooded with queries, I should mention that she’s the smartest, coolest, hardest-working agent in the business and I owe this all to her.

That’s it. Twerk at noon! Share, tweet, Facebook, review, you know the drill. I’ve heard from so many people already who plan to participate. This is going to be big!

And thanks. Cupcakes at my place!

3 comments on “Happy Mommy Man Day!

  1. It’s been hours since I first read your post on Scary Mommy (at which point I was laughing so hard, I was crying) and I’m still giggling about it. My four year old daughter thinks I’m a lunatic! I don’t know if your book is available in Canada yet, but I’m going to the bookstore today to check!

  2. Earliest I could buy the shiny new hardcover book was 10:42am Mountain Time at Barnes & Noble. Jerry, I hope this is a GREAT day for you and your family – wish I could get one of those cupcakes (you can’t air ship one to ABQ, NM … can you??)!!

  3. OMG, That was a great read! I actually started reading it for a second the other day and was like, “Meh…” and clicked away (I don’t have kids, so a lot of Scary Mommy posts just don’t speak to me) But once I realized it was your post, I went back and read it. I had stopped reading so early I didn’t realize how hilarious it was! I even shared it with my husband… yeah, What used to be “85:15 percent no-kids:kids” for us is rapidly looking more like a 65:35, 50:50, 35:65, 05:95….
    Countdown….. Goddammit, biology! (I turned 30 2 weeks ago!)

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