The “Mommy Man” eBook is now available!


Big news! Sometime over the weekend, the eBook version of my book “Mommy Man: How I Went From Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad” magically began appearing on eBook services like Kindle and iBooks. Want to make crazy laughing faces like that goon in the picture above? Download it now! Is it on your favorite service yet? Now’s a great time to check! It’ll be on all of them soon!

I also want to thank everyone who participated in my Chart Twerk 2. It was a big success, with the book again reaching #1 in 3 different Amazon categories, including all of Gay & Lesbian nonfiction. It bested that heavily hyped “Forcing the Spring” book about the gay marriage movement, and it smacked down a bunch of creepy anti-gay screeds, too. As a result, it was featured under “Hot New Releases,” which ensured that people who’ve never heard of me or my blog learned about the book.

It even cracked the top 1,000 overall. That’s pretty impressive considering that I didn’t focus just on Amazon this time. I know people bought the book at Barnes & Noble and other local bookstores, too, and I’m grateful to everyone who took part.

Now you people who prefer to read digitally can get your screen-swiping fingers on my book, too… for under $10 from some vendors! There will be no twerking this time, so don’t delay. Buy it now! (And if you want to check it out first, download the free sample chapters. I’m sure you’ll be back for more!)

To those of you who already bought your copy, thank you again for making this launch so incredible. I’ve heard from many people who’ve already finished the book, and if that’s you, I could use your help spreading the word.

If you have a “Mommy Man” rave bubbling up inside you, share it! Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends. Write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and/or GoodReads. I already have seven 5-star reviews on Amazon, but the more opinions there are, the more people will take notice.

And if you can make it to one of my upcoming author events, I’d love to see you there.

18 comments on “The “Mommy Man” eBook is now available!

  1. Congrats!!! 🙂 This looks like an awesome read, and I added it to my wish list and will purchase it soon. Your blog is wonderful, and I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. Immediately rushed to the “store” on my Kindle and purchased the book. Thanks for including those of us who read on tablets!

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  4. (I sent an e-mail, but the “contact” form deleted the paragraph breaks – the horrors!)

    Dear Jerry Mahoney,

    A book geek like me will always tell you that a great novel felt like part of their life, but your book, Mommy Man, felt more like my life than most.

    You see, I grew up in Rochester, New York. Summertime meant Zweigle’s white hots, a job at the Amazing Maize Maze, and a ride on the Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze Amusement Park.

    You see, I realized that I was gay right after Ellen Degeneres came out, but before Nemo ended her post-coming-out career draught. I, too, thought that being gay meant that I would never marry, never have kids, never go to Disneyland.

    As in your book, I turned to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Will & Grace to show me what life could be like, and cringed away from “fag” jokes in Bill & Ted or, in my case, Clue. I took an undergraduate degree in creative writing and an MFA in TV Writing taught by Norman Steinberg.

    I graduated from that MFA program just ten days ago. I am 26, and on that day, I hit the same roadblock I had crashed into at age 15: I had chosen Door Two in life, the “gay” door, and I still had no clue what came next.

    Your book came next. It came out May 12th, right in time to show me a path forward.

    Mommy Man modeled a life where a queer kid from Rochester could be whisked away by a Jerry Mahoney. It, and your blog, have the pictures to prove that gay TV geeks can take their family to Disneyland.

    Now, because of your writing, I know that other people have been here before, and that there can be a way forward for me like there was for them.

    Thank you.

    Tina Fey will tell you that the best donuts in New York City come from Peter Pan Bakery (“If I had a penis, I would put it in this donut,” via Gothamist.) I live four blocks away from that shop, and will be sure to bring a box to your June 16th signing.



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