New Post on NY Metro Parents!

Jerry Mahoney, Mommy ManSorry about the lack of posts lately. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer as much as I am. If you’re a parent anywhere in the NY Metro area, as I am, you’ve probably flipped through a copy of NY Metro Parents in one of its many incarnations. (I pick up Westchester Parents at my kids’ summer camp… or their gymnastics class… or their art class… or….) Well, be sure to check out this month’s issue, specifically page 12. That’s me! I’m very flattered to have been able to contribute the August 2014 Voices column.

Those of you outside the area can read my post on their website. I’m really proud of this one. It’s about trying to raise a daughter to be an awesome, self-assured woman without a mom in the family… and the gay dad guilt that sometimes goes with it.

And if that’s not enough for you, maybe it’s time to order my book! (Hint, hint!) That’s enough reading to carry you through Labor Day!

9 comments on “New Post on NY Metro Parents!

  1. I read your book in two days could not put it down.It was so nice to see you in Rochester at Barnes and Noble.My kids went to school with Drew.The book had more meaning because we know Drew. Love your blogs and Drews stories of his train rides into work.

  2. I googled NY Metro Parents and found the article. Great article! Sutton has many female role models that she will reach out to as she matures IF she feels the need. In the meantime enjoy the princess years. Love to the whole family.

  3. The right link is this one:

    …just a typo in your link in the story. Great article!

  4. Lovely article, Jerry. Right now I am dealing with the temporary absence of hubby, and I realise at least once a day how lucky I am to have male help in raising our two boys. Incidentally, especially my youngest has developed quite the bond with my Dad whom he adores. I guess kids pick their role models from what’s available. Don’t forget, no parent (or parenting couple) is perfect, we all just do the best we can. And you are certainly doing a sterling job 🙂

    By the way, I am still waiting for the UK Kindle edition of Mommy Man, any news on that?

  5. Jerry, your daughter looks self-assured and awesome already, and happy as a little ladybug. Two dads make a great set of parents for a girl, if you ask me. Much better than one or none. Worry is unavoidable sometimes. It just goes with being human, but I think having two loving people at home for your daughter and son trumps gender, hands down. You are so blessed.

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