Upcoming DC Surrogacy Conference

FTSlogoThere’s been a lot of negative press about surrogacy lately, and it makes me really sad, because, as I say here all the time, surrogacy changed my life, and everyone involved in our case feels like they gained something wonderful out of the process. I also say all the time that surrogacy is not for everyone, and there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there engaged in the practice. So if you’re considering surrogacy, either as a potential surrogate or intended parent, you really need to educate yourself to make sure you’re doing it the safest and most ethical way possible. 

The upcoming Families Through Surrogacy conference in Alexandria, Virginia on September 13, 2014 promises to be a great resource on the topic. They’ve lined up some fantastic speakers for the event, including me! This is the same group that organized the San Francisco conference I appeared in back in March, and they will answer any questions you have, whether you’re gay or straight and whether you’re considering domestic or international surrogacy options. (I’m heavily biased toward domestic and will be happy to share why, but there will also be people who’ve gone the international route on hand to share their experiences.)

If you’re in the DC area, I’d love to see you there, and I’ll have copies of my book on hand to sell and sign. You can get more information here.

8 comments on “Upcoming DC Surrogacy Conference

  1. Jerry, how wonderful for you! I think that you being there, again, shall certainly make a big difference in this cause.

    Indeed, surrogacy has made a HUGE difference in your life, not to mention Drew’s, Bennett’s, Sutton’s, and more!

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Jerry,

    I too am troubled by the negative press surrogacy has gotten lately. Having gone through both domestic and international surrogacy processes I am personally pleased with my past positive experiences. HOWEVER given the current international situation I would not recommend anyone looking into surrogacy start a surrogacy process overseas because of how quickly things are happening. The Thai military government today approved a draft law banning commercial surrogacy. There are quite a few intended parents expecting children in Thailand who are now beside themselves about whether they will be allowed to take their babies home when they are born.

    I expect that the conference will make mention of recent developments and counsel people accordingly.

    Have a great trip! I hope it is a (re)productive one for many of those involved.


    • Thanks, David. I know lots of people like you have had wonderful experiences overseas, but like you said, with India and now Thailand changing their laws and leaving so many people up in the air, the notion scares me. That said, I know there will be lots of reputable, informed people at this conference to talk about ethical surrogacy options overseas, and they will have all the latest info to share with the IPs.

      Hope all is well with you!

  3. Hey Jerry! I’m very excited to know that I will be seeing you at the D.C. FTS conference in September (I’m looking forward to getting my book signed…finally!) Just as you will be educating (and advocating?) regarding domestic surrogacy, I’ll be speaking about international surrogacy journeys in Mexico. It looks like I will have a set of IPs who are presently going through the process in Mexico joining my presentation as well as a brief video showcasing a few interviews with some of the surrogates in our Mexico program. I know international surrogacy seems really scary right now but there are coordinators/clinics out there that know what they are doing and that really care about the Intended Parents they are assisting and I am one of them. It’s my goal to provide as much education about the surrogacy process in Mexico and information about the safe, cost effective, ethical surrogacy options in Mexico as I am able. I think this conference is going to be a valuable resource for anyone considering a surrogacy journey and I’m honored to be participating next to people like you! See you in a month…

    • Thanks, Jason. I loved meeting you and your husband. I know you guys have been through so much in your journey. Wishing you all the best in the future. You guys will be great dads someday. 🙂

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