How Our Britney Spears Ban Began

Sutton shows off a couple of her exes.

Sutton shows off a couple of her exes.

“Daddy, let Santa know that if he buys me that Ariel toy I asked for, I’m going to marry it.”

“You can’t marry it. Don’t you remember last week when you married that stick you found in the street?” (Yes, this happened.)

“Oh, we broke up.”

“What? You’re only 5. You can’t already be on your second marriage!”

“No, it’s my third marriage.”

“What? Who did you marry the second time?”

“Another stick.”

“And you divorced it?”


“You’ve been married to two sticks?! And now you’re getting married again? You can’t get married so many times!”

“I’m going to be a man-izer when I grow up.”

“A what?”

BritneyWomanizer“A man-izer, like Britney Spears.”

“That song is called ‘Womanizer’, and — wait, you know exactly what that means, don’t you?”

“Yup. I’m going to be a man-izer.”

“Honey, I don’t think we’ll be listening to Britney Spears anymore.”

20 comments on “How Our Britney Spears Ban Began

  1. Ha, she sounds more like an everything-izer to me. I guess I just never found any sticks that were marrying material. But then again, maybe we should leave the sticks to the stick ladies?

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  3. Hey, looking good over here! I’m dying over at my place, with zero hits and zero followers. Would you like to trade blogroll links? I could really use some inbound links and exposure. Let me know, and Happy Holidays! Bobby

  4. Gee whiz, at that age I had only married a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and she’s already planning a third marriage? She’s on a roll.

  5. THAT is AWESOME!! My little nearing 5 decided she was going to marry a stuffed giant dog that she only keeps to spite me. Do you get the issue with hips? All of my dang girls have learned to use their hips at a young age. Drives me BATTY!

  6. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait until my kids start talking. lol My oldest is 2 and the facial expressions he makes….I just know once he gets his words together he is going to be handful.

  7. OMG…may the force be with us…we are expecting a little girl soon and while my boys say the darnest things…I can’t even imagine dealing with this. She is adorable though!

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha! This was soooo funny but on a serious note, I thought my son was never listening to and/or understanding the words to random songs but found out he was. Those experiences were really eye-openers but admittedly not half as funny as yours have been 🙂

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