No Fu-Ling Her

IMG_3388Me: “Did I ever tell you about the time Daddy and I played an April Fool’s prank on all our friends?”

Sutton: “No.”

Me: “We told them we were adopting a baby from China, and her name was Fu-Ling.”

Sutton: “Like ‘fooling’?”

Me: “Right!”

Sutton: “It sounds like a Chinese name. That’s funny!”

My (real) daughter in 2015, outsmarting most of my friends in 2004.

Happy birthday, Fu-Ling.

9 comments on “No Fu-Ling Her

  1. The anniversary of the day I lost all joy for Jerry. But at least I made it into his book. And that Sutton is a cutie.

  2. Jerry, I recall you telling this story when you appeared at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in the Upper West Side last June, 2014.

    I thought it was super funny! Of course, I also recall that your friends were not too amused. Good thing there was no sale on Glock 9 mil guns, at that time!

  3. i’ll tolerate one year of greatest hits, but you better be back on your game and writing original material for 16.

  4. Better than the April Fools prank my kid pulled on me yesterday where she (unintentionally) locked me in the bathroom until her Dad could get home and free me. Smart girl you’ve got there!

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