N.Y. F.A.Q.

If you ask the kids where we’re moving, they’ll say, “New Ork”, but I’m not sure they know what “moving” means.

I’ve told them we won’t live in our condo anymore.  We’re going to have a house with a backyard where they can play – but not right away, because it’ll be cold in New Ork. Daddy doesn’t like it when it’s cold, but it does mean we can go ice skating, like Snoopy does in the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

They talk a lot about the ice skating.

When they have questions, they’re usually about what’s coming with us on the move and what isn’t.

“Is Daddy coming to New Ork?”  “Of course.  We don’t go anywhere without Daddy.”

“What about Daddy?”  “Me, too.”

“Is Harper coming to New Ork?” “No, Harper’s going to stay here with her Mommy and Daddy.”

“Is the chair coming to New Ork?”  “Yes.”

“Are the balloons coming to New Ork?”  “No, but we’ll get new balloons.”

“Can we watch the Muppet Show in New Ork?”  “Yes, we can.”

“When we get there, can we eat Dunkin’ Donuts every day?”

OK, that last one was from me. I have my own priorities.