Zoo? Yes. Animals? Maybe.

Me: “Do you guys want to go to the zoo?”

B&S: “YEAH!!!!!!!”

Me: “What animals should we see?”

Bennett: “No gorillas.”

Me: “No gorillas?”

Bennett: “No.  Because it’s scary.”

Me: “OK then, no gorillas.”

Sutton: “Daddy, can I see the gorillas?”

Me: “Sure.”

Sutton (hysterical): “NO!!!  The gorillas are scary!!!”

Me: “Wait, calm down.  No one has to see the gorillas if they don’t want to.”

Bennett: “I want see gorillas!”

Me: “You said you didn’t.”

Bennett: “No.  Because it’s scary.”

Me: “But now you want to see them, even though they’re scary?”

Bennett: “Yes.”

Me: “Sure, Bennett.  You can see the gorillas.”

Sutton: “Daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy?  When Bennett sees the gorillas, can I see the lizards?”

Me: “The lizards aren’t scary?”

Sutton: “No, they’re nice.”

Me: “Then sure.  You can see the lizards.”

Sutton: “OK, but I don’t want to go in them.”

Me: “What do you mean ‘in them’?”

Sutton: “I want to see the lizards, but I don’t want to go inside the lizards.”

Me: “OK, I promise we won’t go inside the lizards.”

Sutton: “OK.”

Me: “What about the gorillas?  Do you want to see them?”

Sutton: “Yes.”

[As for going “inside” the lizards, I’m not sure, but I think she was thinking of this iPad game we’ve been playing:]