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If you read this blog regularly, you’ve probably noticed when I’ve had something published somewhere else, because when that happens, I get very excited and don’t shut up about it for weeks. But in case you missed any of my extracurricular activity, here are some links.

The best place to start is probably Lifetime Moms, because I’m a regular contributor there, and my posts are about 50% exclusive content I wrote just for them and 50% Mommy Man reposts. Check out my contributor page for a list of stuff I’ve done for them. It’s also a great place to find a killer flank steak recipe.

Then, check out some other things I’m proud of…

Mom/ Not Mom/ Aunt – How our search for an egg donor led me to appreciate the special bond between brother and sister. (from the New York Times)

The Year I Was Special – A whimsically painful childhood memory that begins with a trombone and a kindhearted lunch lady.  (from Fresh Yarn)

My Brush With Terrorism – What are the six scariest words in the English Language?   They just might be, “Your toothpaste tested positive for nitroglycerine.” (from The Morning News)

Modern Family vs. My Family – A look at how my boyfriend and I stack up against TV’s most mommyless Modern Family, Mitchell and Cameron. (from AfterElton)

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