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Here are some of my favorite posts, sorted by topic.  If you’re new here, this is a good place to start.

General Parenting Whimsy:

The Birthday Party Pact – Birthday parties are a necessary evil of parenthood.  But if we can all agree on a few ground rules, we’ll make them much better on everyone involved.

The Minivan Manifesto – What does everyone have against minivans?  Driving one is one of the most empowering things a modern dad can do.

It’s a Mommy’s World – Exposing Dadscrimination – Stay-home dads are everywhere these days… so why can’t we get some respect?

9 Unwritten Rules of the Playground – A few guidelines we all need to follow to keep public parks from turning into shrunken Thunderdomes.

The Life of a Gay Superdad:

The 5 People You Meet as a Gay Dad – The reactions we get from strangers when they figure out we’re a two-dad household.

“Modern Family” Thinks My Family is Creepy – Modern Family is a hilarious, touching show that embraces all kinds of families… except, as it turns out, mine.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent – Do I confuse your children?  Start here.

A Gay Dad Wonders… Do My Kids Deserve a Mom? – The #1 argument against gay parenting is that all kids deserve a mom and a dad.  I gave it some serious thought.

Miscellaneous Personal Musings:

Washing My Hands of My Germophobia – The two scariest words a germophobic expectant dad can hear are, “It’s twins.”

Twins, Towers – I’m dreading the moment when my kids someday learn about 9/11.

15 comments on “Best O’Blog

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  2. Loved your entry on Birthday parties. I endorse and enter into the pact. I would like to add my own comments…. 1. As of the fifth birthday, parties should be parent drop off in other words, the host should send the mom’s and dad’s out for coffee or let them get the grocery shopping done. 2. Parents picking up after a drop off party should be scrupulously on-time. Fifteen minutes early is preferred, in fact I will reward early parents with a piece of cake. 3. Please don’t put candy in the goody bag, if it can be choked on in the back seat of a car. My kids won’t wait to get home to crack open the goody bag. 4. If you want to send thank you notes, send them via email. I don’t need to add to the stack of mail accumulating on the dining room table.

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  8. Absolutely loving your blog! My daughter-in-love and her partner opted for Momma and Mummy so are going to appreciate your Daddy/Daddy post (though they likely already discovered you well before I did). I’m looking forward to the book. Great writing, Jerry!

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  10. Any by post… I meant The Birthday Party Pact. (But I truly love all your posts). Thank you for writing!!!

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