Do you want to meet me? Maybe you can! Now that I have my new childrens’ books to promote, I’ll be making some appearances and would love it if people come to them so I don’t end up speaking to empty rooms.

Tuesday, August 1st, 6pm

Anderson’s Book Shop, Larchmont, NY

96 Chatsworth Avenue
Larchmont, NY 10538

A release day extravaganza! Join me for a reading/signing at my favorite Westchester book store on the day my books come out. Be one of the first to find out what’s so rotten about that stepbrother.


Saturday, August 19th, 2pm

Barnes & Noble, Burbank, Media City Center

Burbank Town Center
731 N San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Come join me for a reading/signing at my local B&N. Help me impress my publisher and my kids at the same time!

* * * * *

If you’re interested in setting up an appearance or school visit, please contact me.

And you can always learn more about my middle grade & YA writing at my other website,


10 comments on “Appearances

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  8. Hello, Jerry. My name is Robert Alvarez, and I had the pleasure of attending your book signing tonight at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers on West 82nd Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

    As I mentioned earlier, I found out about you from a WordPress Email, which featured you, yet another WordPress blogger turned author.

    Thank you for your appearance tonight. And thank you for answering my question, too. Interestingly enough, I AM usually the first one to ask a question, but I always want to break up the monotony by letting someone else ask a question first. Ironically, I do a very bad job of breaking up that monotony.

    Also, although you are very funny, there were many things you said and read that moved me very close to tears, simply because they were quite beautiful.

    It was also so beautiful to see so many people in your life and love and adore you, and that you love and adore, as well, but I did not want to seem like a “starfucker,” especially since I AM sure there were people that wanted to meet them, and did.

    In closing, I want you to know that I always read Forewords, Afterwords, and Acknowledgements. If “Mommy Man: How I Went from Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad” had an Index, I would probably read that, too.

    May the Divine Great Mystery Lovingly and Lavishly Bless your big and beautiful family, now and always, in all ways.

    • Hi Robert! Thanks so much for coming to the reading. It was great to meet you, and yuo definitely added to the atmosphere which made it a very special night for me. I hope my answer to your question helped. I definitely appreciated the question. I hope you like the book. I’m glad to know you’ll get through the epilogue. 🙂 Best of luck with your own writing, too!

      • Jerry, thank you for replying, and thank you for the compliment, too.

        Yes, the answer to my question was perfect, and exactly what I needed to be Mindful of and to know.

        And I already know I AM going to LOVE your book, not like it. There is a big difference. Also, I look forward to reading it from cover to cover.

        I noticed that your book just sucks me right in. In other words, I become so consumed by what I AM reading, that I may miss a subway or bus stop. But I figured out a remedy. A few stops before where I need to get off, I shall stand, that way I AM ready to get off the vehicle at my stop, without worrying about getting off at the last stop simply because I had to finish a chapter.

        Thank you for your good wishes. May all the Peace, Health and Plenty you have now increase for you and yours one hundred thousand fold right now.

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