Thanks to Gawker, I think I can predict what the next big spec script sale will be. It’s “Imaginary Girlfriend”! (Or, if sold to the producers of “Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!”, it’ll be called “I Bought My Girlfriend on Ebay!”)

It’s the story of a young woman (Brittany Murphy) so hard up for cash that she auctions herself off on eBay as a pretend girlfriend to a guy (Josh Hartnett) who wants to get his nagging family and friends off his case. They just won’t believe him when he says he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend right now — and no, Mom, he’s not gay!

When they meet, these two couldn’t be more different! Stewart’s an uptight businessman in desperate need of a makeover. Darla’s an eccentric free spirit – you know, the kind of girl who’d sell her services as an imaginary girlfriend on eBay. Against the odds, she falls for him hard, and her wacky antics turn his personal life upside-down! But is Stewart just using her, or is he capable of reciprocating her feelings? Is it even possible for him to respect her, given the way they met? It’s Pretty Woman for the internet age! Sold!

Keep checking here, and I’ll bet something like this turns up in the next few weeks.

Trust me on this. After the first Lord of the Rings did so well, I correctly predicted there’d be at least one more.

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