Are you as surprised as everyone else that Ruben was in the bottom two of American Idol last night?

Well, I’m already over that news and on to the next story. Apparently, next week the kids’ll be singing Bee Gees songs for guest judge Robin Gibb.

Here then are my predictions for song choices, and in honor of Charles Grigsby, who will remain infamous for losing the week he sang “You Can’t Win”, I also provide a suggestion for a more ironically appropriate song each contestant COULD choose.


Will do: How Deep is Your Love

Grigsby suggestion: Stayin’ Alive

Clay —

Will do: Tragedy

Grigsby suggestion: You Should Be Dancing (or Nights on Broadway)

Kimberly (a/k/a K-Lo)–

Will do: Emotion

Grigsby suggestion: You Win Again


Will do: Who cares, it’ll suck*

Grigsby suggestion: I Started a Joke

And just for fun:

Randy Jackson —

Gribsby suggestion: Jive Talkin’

* Okay, seriously, though, you know Josh is going to pick the absolute LEAST appropriate song for him in a catalog with virtually NO songs suitable for his voice. Just picture him mangling If I Can’t Have You or Night Fever, and maybe you’ll agree with what I’m about to say:


Admit it: Trenyce would’ve been predictably great, but Josh surprises us week after week by sucking in new and unexpected ways. (Those bowel movement grimaces on his face this week during “Bad Blood” were hilarious!) If you’re like me, you can’t wait to see just how bad that boy can get. And next week, you’ll get your chance.

Sorry, Trenyce. You’re a great singer, but between you and Josh, he’s clearly the more entertaining one.

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