I’d like to issue a big thank you to my most favoritest group of people in the world right now:

People who’ve recently underestimated my age by more than a decade!


My Dental Hygenist“Like 20”

Waiter at Anna’sless than 21

Guy who installed my dishwasherhowever old Frankie Muniz is*

* This one is worth recounting in detail. He had just noticed a Buffy magnet on the fridge…

DISHWASHER INSTALLATION GUY: You know, I installed a dishwasher at her house.

ME: Sarah Michelle Gellar?

DIG: Yeah. Well, her old house.

ME: Was it a nice house?

DIG: Eh. Nothin’ special. I guess she don’t make that much money.

ME: Oh.

DIG: You know who’s got a nice house that I been to? That kid from Malcolm in the Middle.

ME: Which one?

DIG: Ya know, the middle one.

ME: Malcolm?

DIG: Yeah. Huge house. And he’s so busy, got all his assistants runnin’ around. I had no idea he had all that money. And he’s just a kid. Probably about your age.

I gave him a big tip.

(And yes, he really said, “Ya know, the middle one.”)

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