Introducing… Mommy Man!

Here it is.  The site redesign I’ve been teasing for ages.  Where Do Gaybies Come From is now…


But you already figured that out, didn’t you?  You’re smart.

Who is Mommy Man, you ask?  Well, he’s me, Jerry Mahoney, one of two fathers of two-year-old twins conceived through gestational surrogacy, recently transplanted to the NY burbs from LA and an aficionado of the skillet cookie.  If you’re new here, you can get more info on the About page.  If you’re a regular reader, I’m the same guy you’ve been reading about all this time.  I’m just finally revealing my secret identity.  The glasses fooled you, didn’t they?

So why Mommy Man?

  • Where gaybies come from, so to speak, was only one part of what this blog was about, so it made sense to find something a little broader.
  • Some people misread the term “gaybies” to mean that the kids are gay, rather than the parents. “Adventures of a Gay Superdad” makes it clear just who we’re talking about.
  • Because I want more attention, dammit!  Those meddling kids were stealing my limelight!  This blog is about me, me, ME!

Things to know:

  • The blog content isn’t changing.  It’ll still be the same mix of personal anecdotes and information about gay parenting that it’s always been.  I just decided that Mommy Man more accurately reflected what the blog has become.
  • No need to update your bookmarks.  The URL isn’t changing. will continue to redirect to, and now, so will
  • I’ve added a Featured Posts slider below my header, so new readers can easily find their way to some of my favorite posts from the past.  You may need to scroll down a bit more than usual to get to the new content, but it’s there, and it’s swell.

The new header design was done by the incredible David Heatley, who really does have superpowers when it comes to drawing.  Visit his site – or better yet, buy his book – for more awesomeness.

I hope you like the redesign.  I started this blog as a fun part-time diversion from the other writing I do, but it’s been such a pleasure connecting with other gay dads, other bloggers and so many wonderfully supportive readers. As always, if there’s anything you’d like to know about me or gay parenting in general, please feel free to ask in the comment section.  (I’m working on a Gay Dad FAQ, among other things.)

And if you like something you read here, then share, share, share!  There should now be options below every post to Reddit, Digg and Pinterest me, in addition to the Twitter and Facebook buttons.  I spend an embarrassing amount of time checking my site stats, and nothing makes me happier than seeing people posting my links on their Facebook pages.  It really boosts traffic, too.  If you haven’t subscribed or liked me on Facebook yet, then please do!

Until the next post, my work here is done.  (That’s what a superhero says, right?)  If you encounter any problems or frustrations with this new layout, please let me know. Sadly, web design is Mommy Man’s kryptonite.

22 comments on “Introducing… Mommy Man!

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you’re calling yourself “Mommy Man”. Of course, it does have all of the excitement of a superhero and all that jazz, which makes it that much cooler. But, I think it’s great that you’re comfortable enough with yourself and your identity to call yourself “mommy”.

    I know that it is a very sensitive topic to many gay people (particularly those with children), and I think it’s good to be sensitive of others’ feelings. (I certainly don’t mean to be critical of men who do not wish to be given titles such as “wife” or “mommy”.) I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you for owning it. Be an awesome Mommy Man.

    • Hi Keith! There are a lot of reasons I chose the name “Mommy Man” – maybe I’ll go into it in a future post. But you nailed it when you said I wanted to “own” the term. I’ve talked before on this blog about “The M-word” and how uncomfortable it can be for a gay (male) family. But the truth is, as a stay-home dad, Mommies invented my job. They were the pioneers in my field, so to speak. I have nothing but respect for them, and I aspire to be worthy of the term.

      I checked out your blog, too. You have a very interesting story to tell – and a great journey ahead of you, I’m sure. Congrats on coming out and dealing with your demons. Best of luck with that – and with the book, of course!

      • As a former stay-at-home mom, you are more than welcome in my club! I wish you had been at the playground when I had little ones – your openness about the difficulties of parenting full time would have helped me from feeling I was going insane on “those” days.

        Love the new title, love the new header, love, love, love it all.

  2. I’ll admit I was skeptical when I got the email cuz I LOVE the term “gaybies,” but the cartoons make it all ok…

  3. It sort of looks like you’re wearing a super gay dad utility belt, and if I’m right, then I’m on board. Love.

  4. Ha.. I love the new layout, Jerry! I agree that although ‘Where Do Gaybies Come From’ is catchy and memorable, it is a little confusing. Keep up the great work!

  5. Love your writing and your story and following your family. And I think the new name is indeed better than the old one. But a part of me is a bit sad that “mommy” has to be in the name. Being a gay dad doesn’t make you some special brand of mommy. You’re a dad. That’s beautiful and it’s enough. I cringe in the same way that I cringe when I see the term “Mr Mom” – um, yikes.

    But, whatevs. It’s your little corner of the internet, I’m just glad you let us strangers into it. And you should do with it whatever makes you happy. 🙂 The redesign is awesome, the superhero thing is cool, and I’m excited to keep reading of your family adventures!!!

    • Thanks, Erin. I think of Mommy Man more as deflecting criticism from the people who say that kids need a mommy. Oh yeah? Well I can give them what they need, so I guess that makes me Mommy Man. I’m very proud to be a dad… and very proud to be doing a job that’s more traditionally been done by women.

      Glad you like the redesign, and thanks for reading!

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